Finding and Buying a Home in Decatur, Georgia: Your Comprehensive Guide

Decatur is a beautiful place to live, with close proximity to Atlanta. With the benefits of living in the city or nearby suburbs, it is an ideal area for those looking to buy real estate.

Decatur is one of Georgia’s best-kept secrets. It has a small-town feel with plenty of activities for residents and visitors alike. Home values are affordable, and Decatur’s proximity to Atlanta makes it an ideal location for those looking to buy homes in Georgia.

What is the Housing Market like in Decatur?

The Decatur Metropolitan Area is the largest in Georgia and has a population of 238,000 people. It is expected that by 2030 the population will be over 260,000 people.

A lot of affordable homes can be found in this area and there are plenty of job opportunities too. The average home price is around $200,000 and the median income for a person living in this area is around $46,000.

Checklist of Things to do before Buying a House in Decatur

This checklist is a comprehensive list of things you need to do before buying a house and it includes:

*Getting pre-approved for a mortgage

*Checking the property tax rates

*Inspecting the local schools

*Checking the crime rate in your area

Where are the Best Places for Homes in Decatur?

There are many factors that you need to consider before deciding where to buy a house. The first question is about the traffic as it can be a big deal for those who have young kids.

Decatur, Illinois has one of the lowest crime rates in the US and it is also a safe place for your new family. You will find all of the amenities that you need within this city including parks, schools and grocery stores.

How much is the Average Home Cost in Decatur?

If you are looking for the average home price in Decatur, it is $115,000 according to Zillow. This amount does not include the land price.